Bucks, Packers, Badger thoughts

Thought I would share some thoughts on this weekend’s Bucks, Packers and Badgers games.

Fear the Deer (sometimes)

The Bucks so far are proving me wrong – they will probably make the playoffs. Rumors of Khris Middleton possibly returning early has me even more interested.

Some of my early thoughts are their ‘big’ off-season signings are disappointing.

Matthew Dellavedova is a ‘B’ at the best. I do like him, he is not worth what he is getting, but most players aren’t.

Mirza Teletovic has been maybe a ‘C’ but it was be nice if he could stay on the court. Both him and Delly have fallen short of what I expected from 3-point range.

Miles Plumlee was signed at a ridiculous cost, even though they though they could trade Greg Monroe, their best offensive center, and they failed there. Mile’s a ‘D.’


I am also sick of reading how many or how close Giannis Antetokounmpo was to a triple-double. I want to read more about wins, NOT individual feats.

If Antetokounmpo makes the All-Star team that is a positive for the Bucks from a PR point of view and that would be nice. But that and $2.00 gets you a cup of coffee.

Jason Kidd is quoted more about next year from an improvement point of view and I like that because he is being realistic.

The Bucks lack of consistency shows how young and arrogant they are. It makes no difference if you beat Cleveland and lose to the lesser teams. A win is a win and you don’t get two wins for beating the defending champs and a half a win beating the bad teams. The Bucks are ridiculous to show up to anyone in this league, throw the ball on the court and EXPECT a win.

Jabari Parker said the Bucks need to close teams out and that’s good. Shows he’s becoming a leader. But twice one of the reasons they failed was because he missed crucial free throws and lay-ups. Free throws are the easiest thing in the world to shoot. Lay-ups for a 6-9 guy should NEVER be missed. I don’t care if your hammered going into the basket, you’re 6-9!

Lack of D – Letting the opponents shoot 3-pointers like they’re free throws is ridiculous. The rules state you can’t be guarded when taking free throws, but there is no rule that states you can’t guard players shooting 3-pointers – yet the Bucks act like there is.

But I do see progress and that makes me happy. What would make me happier if the owners spent more money on the team getting ‘real’ talent and less on the surrounding neighborhood.

I know the Packers are favored going into the game Sunday night, but I am not as comfortable as the fans who see everything through green & gold glasses.

Injuries have a big deal to do with both defenses stinking – and boy do they suck. This should be a high-scoring affair, someone might even reach 40 points, especially in perfect field conditions. So here are the keys.

1. What teams will have a running game that can keep the other team off the field by controlling the clock? That’s their best defense. On paper that favors the Packers – but the game is not played on paper.
2. You have to like Aaron Rodgers over Matt Stafford, but the receivers are a wash. Stafford hasn’t been as accurate lately with the injury and the glove hampering his middle finger. That could be the difference.
3. Which defense can play better than what they are.

The Packers should win, but I would not be surprised if they lost this game, since they almost blew the first one at home.

I am interested in seeing what happens if they lose and don’t make the playoffs. Will Mark Murphy go hide in the corner or will he be a man. Digging yourself in a hole like this doesn’t give Ted Thompson or Mike McCarthy an excuse on the season win or lose.

I am not interested in division titles. I’m interested in Super Bowls. The Packers need to take that attitude instead of just talking about it.

I was never foolish enough to think the Badgers would be in the final four National Championship Playoff Format. They had never the reputation or the record for it.

I did expect them to defeat Penn State and go to the Rose Bowl.

LSU was 8-4 this year. Michigan State was 3-9. That’s a combined record of 11-13. They were Wisconsin’s ‘big’ wins this year. I don’t care what their records were when they played the Badgers. These were their final numbers.

The Badgers lost to PSU (11-2), Ohio State (11-1) and Michigan (10-3). They really didn’t beat anyone that was a ‘super’ team.

Now they get to face Western Michigan (13-0) of the Mid-American Conference. They are a fine team and if they beat the Badgers I wouldn’t be shocked.

The way the season ended – even with a win over Western Michigan, which is no big deal – makes the season feel like a disappointment to me.

If the Badgers win they finish 11-3, if they lost they finish 10-4. I give coach Paul Chryst and his staff credit for this season because I think they did a lot with an average amount of talent with a bunch of big hearts.

I will take it all things considered.

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