A Lot to be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday behind Christmas.  Except for my West Coast family – Marty, Ann and my little man, Ayden (just turned one), I have my Wisconsin clan together.

We sold our house two years ago and my daughters are now hosting the holidays to give their mom a break. Tina, my youngest daughter, Nick, her husband, and my grandkids Aria (3 years old) and Sweet Lew (he’ll be 1 in Feb) will host Thanksgiving in Stoughton. My wife, Kathy, and youngest kid, Scott, will be making that trip.

My oldest, Jessi, and her husband – those of you who follow me on Twitter know him as ‘Big Jon Moore,’ and my granddaughter, Angie, will host Xmas. That’s the best day of the year for me because all my family is together.

I have a lot to be thankful for.

  • My wonderful wife, Kathy, who has put up with me for 41 years. The lady is a saint – and she is my saint.
  • Four great kids.
  • Two wonderful son-in-laws and a wonderful daughter-in-law.
  • Four cool grandkids (so far, hint, hint) – two girls and two boys.

Yeah, I am a very lucky guy.

I retired on June 30 and I have been enjoying life because I’m still doing what I love – writing about prep athletes on my web site Preps2Pros.net.  It has definitely been a successful project in the initial going.

I couldn’t have done this without two people.

First, my son, Marty, a film editor in Hollywood (he is currently working on the popular show called ‘Supernatural’). Marty has set up the site and taught me how to put it together. And for that I am thankful.

The second person I am thankful for is Al Herzberg, who handles all the beautiful photography which goes with the prep features. Al and I have a passion for prep sports and it shows in our work.

I will be adding to my site soon. When I left the Milwaukee Brewers, I wrote a book called ‘If you wanna have fun, go someplace else, a humorous insight look at major league baseball.’

That book sold out many years ago, but Marty suggested I do an audio book on it, which I have done and hopefully it will be on the site for people to purchase soon.

I also hope to do a pod cast early next year once I work out the details.

Finally, next spring I hope to come out with my next book – “Wanna Hear Something Funny,” a humorous and emotional piece – kind of like my memoirs.

Well, that’s it for now. So please have a happy and safe holiday and look around – we all have things we should be thankful for and Thanksgiving is a wonderful day to think about them.








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