Bucks players I find watch able

One of the best things about the Milwaukee Bucks NBA season beginning tonight is it gives me another local sport to watch on television.

I am not a fan of the NBA because everyone already knows that Golden State and Cleveland will meet for the title – barring a terrible injury – and I never want to see anyone get hurt.

But I do enjoy watching the local team.

Like most people looking at them with their head instead of their heart, I don’t feel the Bucks will make the playoffs because of the injury to Khris Middleton.

The front office was totally unprepared to replace someone of his skills. When I say ‘the front office’ I mean more than John Hammond. Jason Kidd has his fingers in the pie also.

I still don’t understand why they ‘gave away’ Michael Carter-Williams for Tony Snell.

Someone must have really disliked MCW. Tony Snell!  Give me a break. They need something more.

But there are still plenty of reasons to watch the Bucks. On a scale of 1-5 – with one being the best – here are my thoughts on the players to watch.

1 – Giannis Antetokounmpo – If this young man ever learned to shoot from 15 feet on a consistent basis, then Katy Bar The Door (for you young people that means he will be unstoppable). Watch ability: 1.

1A – Jabari Parker – Despite ‘Sports Illustrated’ not putting him in the Top 100 NBA players, I rate him right there with Giannis. Both will be hard to stop going to the basket and provide plenty of thrills. Now Jabari must improve his defense to be really considered a ‘next-level player.’ Watch ability: 1.

3 – Matthew Dellavedova – Yup, in my mind he is the third most important player on this team. He brings experience, defense (I hated him when he was with Cleveland. He was a pest) and shooting ability. They need a very good year out of him or they are screwed. Watch ability: 1.

4 – Greg Monroe – I am a big defender of Moose. The Bucks knew what they were getting and he delivered (15.3 PPG, 8.8 RPG, 52% FG, 74% FT). The ‘front office’ was familiar with his play, why did they say he didn’t fit it. Hello??? Not his fault, guys. Watch ability: 1.

5 – Mirza Teletovic – Yup, put him a notch below Delly/Monroe. He must be able to shoot and lead on and off the court. Delly and Telly will make Giannis and Jabari better players. Watch ability: 1.

6 – John Henson – I like John Henson – I really do. He has a nice, soft left-handed shot near the basket, he can block shots with the best and he can rebound. But it seems like he’s always injured or sits on the bench way too much. He needs to be on the floor. Watch ability: 2.

7 – Malcolm Brogdon – I loved this pick. Anyone who played for Tony Bennett knows how to play the game. PERIOD. I might be ranking him high, but when Delly is on the bench, he will play a big role. I also think his shooting will be effective. Watch ability: 3.

8 – Michael Beasley – If you can score I will watch you. He scored 12.8 PPG in 18.2 minutes a game. This team needs that. He shot .522 from field goal range, but only .333 from the 3-point line. The Bucks need jump shooters, they have enough people who can go to the basket. But he probably won’t stay healthy. Watch Ability: 3.

9 – Miles Plumlee – A big man who hustles, does the dirty work (rebounds, garbage shots) around the boards and leans on less athletic big men. Watch Ability: 3.

10 – Thon Maker – This will surprise most people, but if you draft him, play him. I’m sick of this ‘he’s a project’ garbage. He’s big (7-3, 223) and he’s not afraid to shoot. I want to see him play defense, rebound and run the court. He needs to do that in games, not on the practice court. Watch Ability: 3.

11 – Tony Snell – The Bucks were so desperate to trade MCW they traded for an injured player. Comparing Snell to Middleton, is like comparing me to Brad Pitt. If he can shoot, he can play. Watch Ability: 4.

12 – Jason Terry – If he can’t shoot effectively, he will just be a coach on the bench/locker room. If he can shoot, that’s why I ranked him higher. Watch Ability: 4.

13 – Rashad Vaughn – A totally wasted pick (I do hope he works out, though) and I said that the moment they drafted him. Shooters have to be able to shoot. Watch Ability: 5.

14 – Steve Novak – If he was from another state, he wouldn’t be here. If he can shoot, he can help. Plus his leadership in the locker room is important. But he won’t last the season because of his health. Watch Ability: 5.

In looking at my column, you will see that I like watching shooters. I always get a bigger thrill out of watching a 3-pointer – it takes more skill – than watching some 6-10 guy dunk. One takes ability, the other has a lot to do with size.

This year’s Bucks team must improve their defense and they must hit outside shots, including the big 3-pointer, which was as common as a $3.00 beer at the Bradley Center.

Here’s to making your games watch able this season.

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