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The Milwaukee Brewers are currently in first place in the National League Central Division. Say it again. The Milwaukee Brewers are currently in first place in the National League Central Division.
If anyone thought this would happen with Memorial Day right around the corner, I would like to take them to the Black Jack table at Potawatomi Casino.

Since he has been hired, I have been a fan of David Stearns, Brewers general manager. Like most fans I understand what ‘rebuilding’ means. It’s those fans who don’t know what it means who bother me.

Stearns has done a nice job of finding some talented stopgaps at the corners in Eric Thames at first base and Travis Shaw at third. They have already surpassed what I thought they would bring to the table.

I would pay to watch Orlando Arcia field a baseball. If he hits .260 this year I would be thrilled – maybe surprised is a better word – because this kid gets paid to FIELD a baseball.

I said that Jonathan Villar had a career year last season and I stick to my guns. He reminds me of Carlos Gomez without the flair for the dramatic. His base running skills are dangerous to the opponents as well as the Brewers, unfortunately. Villar is definitely a stopgap until some of the many talented minor league middle infielders who Stearns has accumulated are ready.

Ryan Braun, Keon Broxton and Domingo Santana is a respectable outfield. We all know everyone wants to trade Braun. But with all the talented outfielders at Triple A, I wouldn’t hesitate to move Santana as well. I am a Broxton fan. There aren’t a lot of outfielders who can run down a baseball like Keon. And he has worked hard on improving his batting style.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is the outstanding catching combo of Manny Pina and Jett Bandy. Offensively AND defensively, they have surpassed my expectations.

I love Craig Counsell’s ability to move players around. Hernan Perez, Eric Sogard and Nick Franklin give the team flexibility and they know what to do with a bat in their hand. Jesus Aguilar was also an example of a good pick up by Stearns and his staff. Although limited to one position, he is an offensive threat off the bench and a solid fill in for Thames, who also adds versatility by having the ability to play the corner outfield positions. I think one of these guys (Franklin?) might be cut when they add a starter on Friday.

This team is not going anywhere with the current starting staff. If anything holds this rebuilding back, it will be the lack of front line starters on the current team.
The fact that Matt Garza is the best starter on this staff (2-0, 2.43 ERA) since returning from the disabled list says a lot. I like to watch Zach Davies pitch, but if he is not nicking the corners (and more importantly getting the call), you’re looking at home run derby. Junior Guerra had a fine season last year, but he is no better than a fourth starter – if he can put together another good year at 32 years of age.
I’m not a fan of Jimmy Nelson and Chase Anderson. When they walk out to the mound you have no idea what to expect.

Little by little – this season – the Brewers need to work the young guns into the rotation. In any order – Josh Hader, Luis Ortiz, Brandon Woodruff, Jorge Lopez, Aaron Wilkerson, Corbin Burnes or Cody Ponce, just to name a few. Hopefully at least two of these guys see some starting action this year.

Corey Knebel has been off to an amazing start in the bullpen and Stearns has done a nice job of bringing in Carlos Torres (last year), Jared Hughes, Oliver Drake, Neftali Feliz and Rob Scahill. Locals Jacob Barnes and Wily Peralta round out the bullpen.
The poor starting pitching – if someone goes into the seventh inning is shocking – and will eventually will wear out the bullpen.

If the Brewers are still in a possible playoff mode at the end of July, please don’t trade a minor league ‘stud’ to add a pitcher and stray from their plan of rebuilding.
The Brewers ‘rebuilding’ is ahead of schedule which is nice. But they are still rebuilding, so don’t mess up a good thing.


The future is getting closer to being owned by the Milwaukee Bucks as they have been advertising.

Having just been beaten (4-2) by the No. 3-seeded Toronto Raptors – and only being blown out of one game – the young Bucks are closer to being a top contender in the Eastern Division of the NBA.

Here are my thoughts on this team.


Giannis Antetokounmpo –  Of course, the ‘Greek Freak’ is one of the best players in the NBA and should make second-team All-NBA at least. Besides being talented, his work ethic will go a long way toward him being a true MVP candidate down the road. Forget about 3-point shots, he needs to work on his free throws and his mid-range jumper. The treys would be a bonus.

Jabari Parker – He was coming into his own when he went down with the devastating knee injury (20.1 PPG, 6.2 RPG). Unfortunately, he will miss most of the season, so I don’t think he will be much help next season. But I like his future.

Khris Middleton – Made a nice comeback (14.7 PPG, 4.2 RPB, 3.4 APG) from his injury, but his shooting skills lost something in the playoffs when he was especially needed. His FG% and 3-PT% from the regular-season (45.0, 43.3) to the playoffs (39.7, 36) went down. He definitely gives the Bucks a legitimate 3-pronged attack.


Thon Maker – I was incensed with this pick because the Bucks needed another ‘project’ like I needed another 10 pounds. I felt if you draft this guy, play him! When he had some instruction and talks with Kevin Garnett and Jason Kidd started getting him some exposure, he showed an excellent outside shot – especially for a 7-footer – and shot-blocking ability. Now he needs to spend time in the weight room so he can bang heads with many powerful NBA big men.

Malcolm Brogdon – Possible Rookie of the Year candidate, but he lost some luster with a C grade at the best in the playoffs. Intelligent player, a steal by GM John Hammond in the second round. His court sense is beyond his years.


I have been a Greg Monroe fan all season. He lost weight, improved his defense and was a threat inside or from the 10-foot mark. He accepted his role as offense off the bench and showed some solid passing skills on the pick and roll. He has a $17m option and I don’t know how the Bucks feel, but I hope he takes it. He was a key player when finally given an opportunity to play on a consistent basis.

Tony Snell – I wasn’t excited about the trade that brought Snell to the Bucks, but that’s why Hammond is a NBA General Manager and I’m a fan. Snell brought the defense and the length that was expected of him, but he added an important quality – a solid 3-point shot (45% from field, 40.6% from the 3-point line) and became a threat. He will be sought after as a free agent if he doesn’t accept his option.


Jason Terry and Gary Peyton II add something to this team. Despite his age, his experience, his locker room presence and his ability to still shoot the 3 is a good reason to hang on to Terry, an ad hoc coach already. I put Peyton II here because of his defense and he signed a 2-year deal.


Matthew Dellavedova, John Henson and Mirza Teletovic – I would try and move all three of them. Don’t like their production for the salary they are being paid. I like Delly’s punch you in the face attitude, especially in the playoffs where the Bucks were pretty meek. But I don’t need him shooting as many 3’s had he had to. Henson doesn’t see much action because of injury and coach’s decisions and his lack of time in the playoffs really showed that. Telly didn’t perform from the outside in his limited action and disappeared in the playoffs when a veteran is needed. If Hammond can give these guys away and free some of the salary he would be a genius.


Michael Beasley, Spencer Hawes and Rashad Vaughn – two veterans and an unfulfilled rookie who is supposed to be shooter. They certainly can be upgraded.


I was not a Jason Kidd fan. By that I mean I didn’t want him fired, but I couldn’t figure out his thought process when it came to the rotation. Sometimes I wondered if he knew what he was doing. I admire his coaching style on the sideline, I like the fact that being a Hall of Famer, players want to come here and play for him and he has a good coaching staff.


John Hammond has done a good job, although I’m not a fan of all his moves. But he is right more than wrong. Now if the ownership will spend less money on the surrounding neighborhood and let Hammond spend some big money on some free agents that will bring the future here quicker, that would be nice.



John Jablonowski & Riley Stone have been selected as the new Co-Head Coaches of the Brookfield Central Boys Volleyball Program.

Jablonowski is a 2011 graduate of Franklin High School where he played volleyball for 4 years. As a senior, his team qualified for state. Jablonowski earned 1st Team All-State Honors and was named MVP of the Southeast Conference. Jablonowski went on to attend UW-La Crosse where he continued his playing career, earning MVP honors twice as a member of the NCVF D2 National Champion teams in 2012 and 2015. He earned 1st Team All-Tournament honors in 2013 and 2014, and was named Wisconsin Volleyball Conference MVP in 2014 and 2015. Jablonowski coached JV girls at La Crosse Logan High School in 2015, and has coached the Franklin High School Freshman team for the past two years, where he currently serves as a high school science teacher. He has coached the 16-boys and 17-boys for the Milwaukee Sting since 2015. Jablonowski stated, “This is a great opportunity, at a great time with the new direction of the program. I am excited to get to work on further improving and developing this team to its utmost potential.”

Stone, also a 2011 graduate of Franklin High School, was a 2 year captain for the boys volleyball team there, qualifying for state his senior year and earning Honorable Mention All-State honors. Stone went on to attend UW-La Crosse where he played for the 2012 D2 National Champions. He transferred to UW-Milwaukee in 2014. Stone has coached the Franklin Freshman Boys Volleyball team for the past 3 years, and is currently in his 3rd season coaching 14-boys for the Milwaukee Sting. Stone stated, “John and I have been fortunate enough to play and coach alongside many great volleyball minds over the years. We look forward to using that experience to put our own stamp on the boys’ volleyball program here.”

“The selection committee was impressed with Coach Jablonowski’s and Coach Stone’s volleyball background, their shared vision for player development regardless of skill level, and their commitment to increasing student interest and participation in boys volleyball at BC”, said Don Kurth, Athletic and Activities Director at Brookfield Central. “We are thrilled that they will be joining our staff.”


My thoughts on the Brewers start.


Baseball – Brewers and fantasy – is off an running and I can’t wait to sit in front of the TV or go out to the ball park and watch.

I predicted the Brewers would win between 68-72 games last year in the first year of the rebuild – and they won 73. Jonathan Villar, Hernan Perez, Carlos Torres, Junior Guerra and Zach Davies were good all season. Others like Keon Broxton, Wily Peralta, Chase Anderson and even Matt Garza had solid finishes.

For those fans who don’t understand the word ‘rebuild’ and there are a lot of you out there based on the ridiculous negative reaction of the 2-5 opening homestand, here’s what you should be looking for in Rebuild – Year 2.

1 – What players who did well last year are repeating their performances?

2 – What players have come down to earth?

3 – Who has shown signs of improvement?

4 – What have the new additions added?


1 – What players who did well last year are repeating their performances?

So far – of the players I mentioned – based on eight games – 8 games – Broxton, Torres,  Peralta and Anderson have been solid.

2 – What players have come down to earth?

Villar, Perez and Davies fall into this category and Guerra and Garza (surprise) got hurt. What does this mean after eight games?


For Villar to do what he did last season would have surprised me. I still think he will have a solid season offensively – 15 homers, 30+plus steals. What has shocked me is his struggles defensively at second base. That is a shock and has to turn around.

Perez has played good defense but is struggling at the plate. But once again I think he played over his head last season and if he comes down to earth some he is still valuable because of his tremendous versatility.

Davies is a control pitcher who hasn’t had any in his first two starts. He started slow last year. When he is precise, he is a solid No. 4 or No. 5 starter. If he can’t regain his control, forget it. The jury is out on Guerra and Garza (not really).

3 – Who has shown signs of improvement?

If he stays healthy, Domingo Santana has power and a great arm. But he can’t perform from the DL.

People need to understand that Orlando Arcia will become a better hitter – have some patience – but right now he is an absolutely outstanding defensive player with a cannon of an arm. His fielding is worth the price of admission. If you don’t think so, you don’t know baseball. Personally, I think he will eventually be a .270 hitter who can steal 20 bases.

I have liked Manny Pina since he came up and he has done a solid job with the bat and an excellent job defensively.

I have hope that Jimmy Nelson gets his act together. I really think he can pitch like he did at the beginning of last season and not at the end.

Jacob Barnes and Corey Knebel look like they have finally come around to what the Brewers are expecting.

4 – What have the new additions added?

What haven’t they?  Travis Shaw has been outstanding offensively and solid defensively. Jesus Aguilar got hot in spring training and carried it into the first week. He has also flashed some very impressive leather.

Eric Thames has sat some games to get Aguilar in the lineup, but also has the ability to play the corner outfield spots and has hit well.

Nick Franklin was a good addition and Kirk Nieuwenhuis did a nice job as a fill-in last year, but with all the outfield talent most of his playing time will be as a pinch-hitter, late-game replacement.

Jett Bandy has teamed with Pina to give the Brewers a solid catching combo. He handles pitchers well, throws out runners and displays some power.

Jhan Marinez was a solid pick-up last year and Jared Hughes was a good last-minute pickup and has performed well in week one, while I don’t think Tommy Milone would be on this team if he wasn’t left-handed, but I hope he performs.

Neftali Feliz has hit 100 mph on the radar gun and gotten off to a solid start. If he does well he will help this team and then be turned into some young talent at the trading deadline.

Old reliable

And then there is Ryan Braun, an important part of helping this team win now. Unless you get a ton back for him, I wouldn’t think of trading him.

So watch the players I have hit on and see what happens before you give up on the team after one week.

One thing is for sure – David Stearns and Craig Counsell will do all they can to change faces on this roster.










Here is a look at my final Brookfield, New Berlin and Wauwatosa Boys Rankings. I don’t base everything on just W-L record or head-to-head. A lot is based on how they are playing now.

Brookfield Central (20-2, 12-2, first) – The Lancers beat out New Berlin Eisenhower for the top spot, losing their finale to Menomonee Falls, 82-65, snapping a 10-game losing streak. There are worst things than losing a game before the playoffs, but it was the way they lost that was disappointing.

New Berlin Eisenhower (17-5, 12-4, second) – Coach David Scheidegger said people won’t want to play his team by the time the playoffs began and the veteran coach is right. The Lions have won 10 in a row and are 14-1 in their last 15 games. They are just a notch behind Central, the second-ranked team in the state coming into the week.

Wauwatosa East (12-10, 10-4, second) – Coach Tim Arndorfer’s Red Raiders are third because of their Greater Metro Conference record and finish. They are 2-6 outside of league play. The Red Raiders play good defense and have 9 players scoring between 4.4 and 10 points a game.

Wauwatosa West (12-10, 8-8, fourth) – The Trojans have too much talent to have such a disappointing record. They have lost 2 of 3 games going into the playoffs and they were 0-6 vs. Pewaukee, Eisenhower and Pius XI, the three teams above them in the West. Against the winning Woodland East teams they were 1-2, giving them a 1-8 record against winning conference teams.

Brookfield East (11-11, 7-7, fourth) – A tip of the cap to new coach Joe Rux, who had only one senior starter along with three sophomores and a junior freshman to work with. The Spartans were 4-20 and 0-14 last year.

New Berlin West (9-13, 3-13, sixth) – Coach Brandon Mattox continues to rebuild the Vikings program. They improved their overall record (5-19) from last year but their conference mark remained the same. They have not beaten a Woodland West team in a few years. Junior Joe Robey and freshman Desmond Polk give West a talented duo to continue the rebuild.

Change at top of my teams girls rankings

Here is my final New Berlin-Brookfield-Tosa girls rankings.


  1. New Berlin Eisenhower (17-5, 14-2, tied for first) – I’m giving the Lady Lions a slight edge because they just beat their crosstown rival on Friday and they are hotter than New Berlin West having won their final 8 games.
  1. New Berlin West (19-3, 14-2, tied for first) – The Lady Vikings have the best overall record of my ladies’ teams, but they’ve lost 2 of their final 3 games. They have the top seed in the post-season and might have an easier road – if there is such a thing.
  1. Brookfield Central (14-8, 10-4, tied for second) – Coach Mallory Liebl has done a fantastic job of keeping this banged up team together during an emotional season. They finished the season 9-1 and could easily have had a 10-game win streak.
  1. Wauwatosa East (16-6, 8-6, fourth) – The Red Raiders closed out with 4 wins in 5 games, but they helped their record with an 8-0 non-conference record. Brooklyn Blackburn has been on fire lately.
  1. Brookfield East (11-11, 6-8, sixth) – A talented team without a senior means good things next season. But they were a little disappointing this season. Coach Michael Goodman needs to find a true point guard.
  1. Wauwatosa West (8-14, 5-11, fifth) – Coach Gordon Nikolic has had a fine first season changing the culture for the Trojans.





If Ted Thompson doesn’t adjust, the Super Bowl is just a dream

The off-season is here and you will find Ted Thompson at the Combine Feb. 28-March 6. That’s where he will get a first-hand look at all the top prospects available in the April 27-29 NFL Draft. Of course, Thompson will draft and/or sign players who aren’t at the combine because that is one of his strengths.

But if the Packers are going to be a Super Bowl candidate in 2017, Thompson needs to do more if the Packers are going to do more than win another division title. The more important date to look at is Thursday, March 9, when free agency begins.

Ted usually looks to re-sign his own free agents and I agree with that if they are worth signing – and the price is right. Let’s take a look at who I think is worth re-signing and some of the free agents who would make the Packers a serious Super Bowl contender instead of a pseudo one.


Jared Cook – Hopefully he realizes that Aaron Rodgers is one of the main reasons he played well down the stretch and he doesn’t ask for a ridiculous amount of money. The Packers need a good tight end who can stretch the field to be successful – period.

T.J. Lang – The Packers lack leadership on the offensive line and that is one of the main things Lang provides, along with talent and the ability to play with pain, something some of the other players don’t have. This is an interesting case because of the off-season surgeries he needs. Will someone take a chance and give him a ridiculous offer? If everything is right, this Pro-Bowler needs to be paid.

Nick Perry – When he was healthy he had a solid season and should be re-signed – but only if the price is right. He got after the quarterback and he showed a tremendous amount of courage playing with only one hand.

Micah Hyde – I never thought I would say this, but the Packers need to re-sign him if they don’t go big-time in the FA market. He is the jack-of-all-trades, master of none and their secondary would have been worse that it was without his fine performance. Plus he returns kicks.

Eddie Lacy – How anyone can re-sign someone who blew up like a balloon IN HIS CONTRACT SEASON I will never know. But Thompson will do it if the price is right. It’s moves like this which make me think he is starting to lose his touch. Oh, BTW, he was injured AGAIN.

OTHERS JC Tretter has versatility and he is a must sign if Lang doesn’t. Believe it or not, if the price would be right, I would take Julius Peppers back for his 8 sacks and his leadership. Datone Jones had one more sack than I did this year so why would you re-sign him? Because Ted’s ego would find it hard to cut a former No. 1 instead of what’s doing best for the team.


Thompson is too cheap – yes that is the correct word – to sign a FA who would help get the Packers over the top. Yet every year they have salary cap money left over. Some of the more reasonable FA’s that would be available, but I couldn’t see TT doing anything but watching them sign with other teams.

CORNERBACKS – A.J. Bouye (Texans), Trumaine Johnson (LA Rams), Stephon Gilmore (Buffalo)

DEFENSIVE LINE – Calais Campbell (Arizona), Syl Williams (Denver).

LINEBACKER – Don’t’a Hightower (New England).


From Mark Murphy down to Mike McCarthy, the Packers sell their naïve fans on their goal is the Super Bowl every year. They have what I feel is the best QB in the league skills-wise in Aaron Rodgers, yet they have one Super Bowl with him at the helm.

Now please understand, I don’t wear green & gold glasses, but I’m a Milwaukee season ticket holder, and I hope they win the Super Bowl every year.

But while most fans get excited about their 8 division titles – who cares!  I’m more disappointed in the 1 Super Bowl.

Why? Because I do not feel they do what they can every season to try and get better.

I’m hoping that changes.

Lady Vikings, Lancers leading my girls, boys rankings


New Berlin West (18-2, 13-1, first) – Pewaukee blew away the Lady Vikings and snapped a 16-game win streak. There are worst things that losing a game before the post-season.

New Berlin Eisenhower (14-5, 12-2, second) – Julia Hintz has carried the Lady Lions during their 5-game win streak.

Brookfield Central (11-7, 8-4, third) – 6-game win streak and senior forward Leah Swenson has stepped up last 6 games (11.3 points).

Brookfield East (10-10, 5-7, tied for fifth) – Have won 2 of their last 3 games. Need to get their act together before playoffs start.

Wauwatosa East (13-6, 6-6, fourth) – The Red Raiders have lost 4 of 5 games, but they should sweep their final three games if they play well. Johanna Taylor and Brooklyn Blackburn need a third offensive wheel for this team to be successful.

 Wauwatosa West (8-12, 5-9, fifth) – The Trojans have doubled their win total and have already won 2 more conference games than last year under new coach Gordon Nikolic. Working on a 3-game win streak.


Brookfield Central (17-1, 10-1, first) – There is a different hero every night as the Lancers carry a 7-game winning streak going into their final 4 games. Andres Peralta-Werns and Cole Nau have led the way lately.

New Berlin Eisenhower (13-5, 9-4, third) – Dave Scheidegger said teams wouldn’t want to play his Lions before the season ends and he has been correct. Ike has won 6 in a row and 10 of 11 behind the efforts of Bryce Miller and Sullivan Kulju.

 Wauwatosa East (9-9, 7-4, third) – You never know what Red Raiders team will show up. They have gone 3-4 in the last 7 games with wins over Brookfield East, Menomonee Falls and Marquette. They have a winnable schedule in the next few weeks. Tosa East needs a go-to guy, which they don’t have.

Brookfield East (8-9, 6-5, fourth) – The Spartans youth is showing through as they have dropped 4 of 6 games, losing to a West Allis Central team they should have beaten last time out.

Wauwatosa West (10-8, 6-6, fourth) – The Trojans have lost 4 of 6 games and need to stop pointing fingers and start playing as a team under interim coach Pat McCabe. Three of their last four games are against winning teams. Let’s see what they are made of.

 New Berlin West (7-10, 3-10, sixth) – The Vikings will have their hands full in the 4 of the final 5 games (33-16, .673), being the favorite only against Port Washington.


Lancers still first in my boys poll, New Berlin schools heating up

  1. Brookfield Central (15-1, 8-1) – Central defeated Germantown and West Allis Central as Gage Malensek scored 33 and 29 points. West Allis Hale and Marquette is next on the schedule.
  2. New Berlin Eisenhower (11, 7-4) – Ike has won 4 in a row and 7 of 8 games, defeating Shorewood, Wauwatosa East and Greenfield last week. Bryce Miller (75 points) and Sullivan Kulju (52 points) led the way. Cudahy and Pius XI are coming up.
  3. Wauwatosa West (9-7, 5-5) – West crushed Cudahy but was clobbered by Brown Deer. Alou Dillon had 22 points and 9 rebounds while John Frank had 7 rebounds, 6 assists and 4 steals in the win. Dillon (25) and Tyrone Powell (23) scored big in the loss to the Flacons. Whitnall and Greendale are next.
  4. Wauwatosa East (8-8, 6-3) – The Red Raiders lost two of their last three games, losing Brookfield Central and New Berlin Eisenhower but defeating rival Marquette, 55-54. Nobody scored above 10 points in the two losses and NO stats were available online in the win over MUHS. Falls and Sussex Hamilton are next on the schedule.
  5. Brookfield East (7-8, 5-4) – The Spartans lost a close game to Menomonee Falls, 74-70, as Patrick Cartier had 26 points and Jake Graf had 18 to lead the scoring. Next up is Sussex Hamilton and West Allis Central.
  6. New Berlin West (7-8, 3-8) – Despite the loss of sophomore point guard Joe Robey to a leg injury, the Vikings have pulled together and won 3 in a row last week over South Milwaukee, Holmen and Shorewood. Hunter Pipik had 44 points and Fred Cottrell had 39 points in 3 games and freshman Desmond Polk had 27 vs Shorewood. Greenfield and Pewaukee are next for the Vikings.



Little change in My Girls Prep Basketball Rankings


New Berlin West (16-1, 11-0, first)

Tip of Sky Cap: First-year coach Collin Thompson has his team on a 14-game winning streak, as Alyssa (Chubby) Nelson (15.4 pts), Morgan Henrichs (8.1 points, 5.5 rebs, 4.5 assts) and Maddie Fritz (7.9 pts) lead the way along with great defense.

New Berlin Eisenhower (11-5, 9-2 in second)

Tip of Sky Cap: Sophomore Julia Hintz (13 pts, 5 assts), Katie Ludwig (9.4 pts, 3.8 rebs) and Hannah Plockelman (8.0 pts, 7 rebs, 2 assts) have been consistent during the 2-game win streak, with two winnable games on the horizon.

Brookfield Central (7-7, 5-4, tied for third).

Tip of Sky Cap: Senior Leah Swenson has stepped up to help out senior Caroline Busch and freshman Anna Mortag offensively. But the best news of all, senior Claire Haynes has worked hard to return after a bad back injury and her leadership and timely play has been important. She had two key assists and a steal in the final minutes in the 48-43 win over Divine Savior Holy Angels.

Brookfield East (9-9, 4-6 tied for sixth)

Tip of Sky Cap: junior Molly DeValkenaere has been a steady influence (13 pts, 7 rebs), but junior Emma Ralfs (9.6 pts, 5.0 rebs, 3.1 assts, 3 steals) has been playing an excellent, consistent floor game. Brookfield East finally snapped a 6-game losing streak last week.

Wauwatosa East (12-4, 5-4 tied for third)

Tip of Sky Cap: Sophomore Brooklyn Blackburn tops the team (15.2 pts, 8.7 rebs and senior Johanna Taylor (9.8 pts, 7.1 reb) have played well. But the Red Raiders have lost two straight and they have Divine Savior Holy Angels (twice) and Menomonee Falls coming up.

Wauwatosa West (5-12, 2-9 fifth)

Tip of Sky Cap: To Dasia Davis, who tops the team in pts (11.0), rebs (8.7) and assts (2.4). Trojans approaching last year’s Woodland West win total (3) with two of the next three games very winnable. West must improve their defense, though.