Weekend Thoughts – Bucks, Packers, Badgers

What an interesting weekend of local college and pro sports. Here’s a closer look.


I was more impressed with the Milwaukee Bucks beating Brooklyn twice than defeating the World Champion Cleveland Cavaliers once.

Too many times – and it will probably happen again – the Bucks would beat a strong team and then turn around and lose to a garbage team next time out. Anyone with a brain would realize all they did was cancel each other out.

So beating the Cavs was impressive BECAUSE the Bucks followed up with wins over the Nets on the road and at home. Tough schedule coming up so it will be interesting to see how they compete.


Important win for the Packers – they are all important and necessary at this point. Not impressive, but that’s not important. All that’s important is the ‘W.’

Wonder when Mike McCarthy will wake up and use Ty Montgomery,  Christine Michael and Aaron Ripkowski more. I said when it happened, James Starks should have NEVER been signed in the off-season. That one is on Ted Thompson, but coach Mac is dumb enough to use him. Mr. ‘I’m a Highly Successful coach’ has one more Super Bowl win than I do.

If the Packers can be successful using the short-passing game in Sunday’s miserable weather, Big Mike shouldn’t hesitate to use it most of the time in good weather.


I feel sorry for the coach Paul Chryst and his staff, especially secondary coach Jim Leonard to see the Badgers fold quicker than a deck of cards against Penn State.

A 10-3 record is impressive – but wins over LSU and MSU aren’t impressive when you see how their seasons finished. The only good teams UW played they lost to – PSU, OSU and Michigan.

I said beforehand that there would be no way the Badgers would make the final four with a win over PSU. The playoff committee looks at won-lost record and WHO you beat.

Facing Western Michigan in the Cotton Bowl is certainly a BIG step down for Badger fans who watched their team choke away the season in the second half on Saturday.

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