I’ve figured out why the Bucks disappoint me

Like a lot of people, I was hopeful (not expecting) the Milwaukee Bucks to be a contender for a playoff berth. When Khris Middleton was injured any hope the Bucks had of making the playoffs went out the window. If you disagree with me, let’s put some cash on it.

To say the Bucks have driven me crazy is an understatement. Their losses to some of the garbage teams – and please don’t tell me anyone can beat anyone in the NBA – because I will tell you where you can stick that idea. If the favored team comes prepared, is more talented and comes to play (gives an effort), they will always win – PERIOD.

I have other things to do than waste two hours watching someone who is playing poorly or not giving an effort like I have seen the Bucks do.

As much as I want to watch the Bucks, I couldn’t figure out why I was so upset. Finally, the ‘light went on.’

Like many others, I really was looking at the Bucks as contenders, not as a building team. I realized l needed to watch the Bucks like I watched the Brewers.

The Brewers surpassed my expectations this year. I found them competitive, I saw them start to develop some players and I look for positives when they lose. So when I watch the Bucks from now on I will treat them as a rebuilding team, not as a contender.

They have already have more talent than the Brewers, which is easier to do in basketball, but I will not expect them to beat the bad teams like they should or even hope they can beat a good team consistently.

That way maybe they will surprise me and I will look for positives in the individual play.

In my opinion, the biggest difference is the Brewers have a plan and are sticking to it. I have no clue what the Bucks plan is. Some of their moves were confusing (Miles Plumlee, give me a break). I didn’t like Michael Carter-Williams put they gave the kid away. And Jason Kidd’s use of the rotation is frightening. It’s like he’s pulling names out of a hat.

So now that I have changed the way I will watch the Bucks I’m looking forward to it again.

I just hope my patience can hold up.

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