Octo. 28-30 My Takes on the Weekend

Oct. 28-30 Weekend Takes




In a busy sports weekend, here are some things I took out of it.

Brookfield Central defeated Hartford, 28-7, and Brookfield East beat Menomonee Falls, 27-3, to start the weekend on Friday. The Lancers and Spartans had both beaten their teams earlier this year, so it really wasn’t a surprise.

Central is working on a 2-game winning streak. The Lancers are Greater Metro Conference co-champs (10-1). East has a 3-game winning streak and has won 5 of 6 games.

Big Jon Moore and I aren’t covering any prep football games this Friday since my skills aren’t required as the local football field starts to shrink. But because Jon and I have understanding wives, we’re going to watch a prep game – ‘The Battle of Brookfield II’, what else.

East and Central meet on Friday at 7 p.m. at Central and the Lancers are out to show that their 43-14 win over the Spartans on Sept. 15 was no fluke. It will be a match-up of running backs Zach (What the) Heckman of BC and (Slamming) Sam Santiago-Lloyd of BE – the Flash vs. the Hulk.

I can’t wait.


I can’t say enough about this Badger football team. People keep on getting injured and the Badgers step in and find capable replacements. These kids not only have talent and smarts, they play with heart and emotion.

After beating Nebraska, 23-17, in overtime Saturday, a game that I didn’t think would be this close, UW must beat (at) Northwestern, Illinois, (at) Purdue and Minnesota to finish 10-2 and have a chance at a ‘real’ bowl game appearance. One loss and they end up at some post-season Toilet Bowl.

Congrats to coach Paul Chryst and his staff for doing an excellent job.


I picked the local team to win 36 games if they’re lucky and after watching the first three games that figure might be too high.

Jason Kidd has no clue as who to play. He throws players on the wall and sees if they stick. He has no idea as to what a ‘rotation’ is.

His team doesn’t know how to play defense. Time after time the opponents get easy shots – whether from 30 feet or 2 feet. It has been disgusting to watch so far.

Most of the time when a shot is missed there might be one player – key words ‘might be’ – near the basket, so their chances to get a rebound are far and few between.

Years ago almost everyone could shoot who played in the NBA. That may still be true, but not on this Bucks team. And when I say shoot – I don’t just mean 3-pointers – I mean 15-footers.

Giannis Antetokounmpo should be an All-Star – and that’s nice for him and Bucks fans everywhere – but I’m more concerned about winning a basketball game than see him get a triple-double because of the lack of talent on this team.

I want to watch the Bucks play when they’re on TV, but I can only take so much. The owners need to put real money into this team instead of the surrounding neighborhood. They have led you to believe – there is no rebuilding here – they want to compete now.

Well, I hope I’m wrong, but they need to improve 100 percent before that happens.


Unlike a lot of people – I don’t wear green and gold colored glasses – I didn’t take a lot out of Sunday’s 33-32 very winnable loss at Atlanta.

Aaron Rodgers played well, until he failed miserably on the final drive. Superstars are supposed to come through in the clutch. He didn’t. Let’s stop saying he is one of the best ever. He’s not in Tom Brady’s class.

I don’t know who played worse with the game on the line. A-Rod or Dom Capers defense (or lack of it). Matt Ryan, also playing much better than A-Rod this season, went through the defense like a knife through butter. Mohamed Sanu was so wide open on the winning TD he had time to pitch a tent and make a campfire. Explain to me who the genius was who had Jake Ryan in the game in a passing situation.

I think the young wide receivers – Geronimo Allison, Trevor Davis and my man, Jeff Janis, all played well. I also think it will be a while for the gutsy Jordy Nelson to get back to 100 per cent if he ever does. Also, I tip my hat to Davante Adams, who is beginning to win me over.

I would like to comment on the running backs – but they have none – good job by Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy.

If this team makes the playoff – and there are no guarantees there – they will be lucky to win one game.

Blame the injuries if you want. But then look to the Badgers and toss that excuse out the window.

Like the old saying goes, take them one game at a time and see what happens.








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