• Please explain to me how the Milwaukee Brewers ‘offense’ has totally fallen apart after the Jonathan Lucroy trade.  I loved Luc and everything he stood for, but he was one player and the offense was not built around him. To say this offense is struggling would be an understatement.
  • I am waiting to see who the Brewers bring up after Sept, 1, especially the starting pitchers.  If we have to look at Matt Garza, Wily Peralta and Jimmy Nelson the entire month of September, then please don’t tell the fans you are rebuilding. Give them a chance to build up some trade value, but don’t punish the young pitchers that need to be looked at (see my last blog). Even if you give them a couple starts or use them in relief, they need some big league exposure.
  • We need to bring up an outfielder or two, because only Ryan Braun and Keon Broxton should be brought back next year with the idea of starting.
  • With Jeremy Jeffress’ latest brush with the law – which no one ever wants to see happen – the Texas deal is looking better.  I’m still curious to see the PTBN in the deal based on what’s been promised.
  • I know they will get a better draft pick as the team plays worst and I know the effort is being made – which is a credit to Craig Counsell – but I hate to see them go down the toilet since they have been competitive most of the season. I don’t care if they finish last, because Cincinnati is a better team which had been playing worst.


  • Those who follow me know that I like Ted Thompson. I am not a ‘FireTedThompson’ guy and people who are know very little about football, so when they say things I find it as ridiculous as me talking about Calculus and Physics. But one thing I really admire Ron Wolf for was his ability to cut bait with his draft choices. He was very candid about his team. I will never forget his ‘we were just a fart in the wind’ comment when the Packers blew the Super Bowl to Denver.So seeing Thompson sign tight end Jared Cook for a reasonable price (that’s important)  instead of sitting on his hands, trading OLB Lerentee McCray to the Buffalo Bills for a conditional seventh-round draft pick in 2018 and finally cutting the embarrassing punter Tim Mastay gave me hope. I couldn’t tell you the first thing about his replacement Jacob Schum except that he is NOT Tim Mastay. Being a good holder is no reason for keeping a punting job.
  • It will be interesting if the Packers go with Brandon Burks as their third running back or sign one of the many RBs who will be let go in the final cuts. I am not among the many people who think Eddie Lacy will run for 1200 yards and score 12 TDs (ALTHOUGH I WOULD  LOVE TO SEE IT) and I have never been a big fan of James Starks, who fumbles and gets hurt too much. I do think the No. 3 back will be important.
  • The depth the Packers have put together at defensive back (love Joe Whitt) and linebacker is outstanding, but I wonder if the lack of depth in the front line (because of injuries and stupid suspensions) will end up off-setting them.
  • If Jody Nelson can be 100 percent, hopefully Randall Cobb will be better. Jared Abbrederis and Ty Montgomery (a bigger Cobb) need to stay healthy and Trevor Davis and Jeff Janis (if healthy) are good special teamers at least.
  • I like Janis. When I hear things like ‘he’s stupid, he doesn’t run routes’ I wonder if these people watched him play down the stretch. That one is on Aaron Rodgers as much as anyone. Janis in a couple games did more than Davante Adams did all season. Thompson will keep him because he is a high draft choice despite the fact he has hands of stone. It’s moves like this that could hurt the Packers.


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